Solar Power Wifi Camera Query

Issuing time:2018-02-13 16:05

1.Can't use the producct if there is no WiFi?

It is ultra-low power consumption WiFi technology based camera, and it needs additional WiFi access (for instance,a 3G/4G portable WiFi box) to provide internet access for the Mobile camera. In the environment as orchar, farm,live stock farm, it is better to erect WiFi base state and install several Mobile camera for application, which will save significant construction cost.

2.Can C310 solar powered camera work all the time?

As long as it is charged in the sun for above 4-5 days each month and is waked up 10-20 times per day, the product can work all the time. If power shortage is displayed

1)Try to reduce the wake-ups caused by false alarm; use a PIR shielding case or turn off the motion detection functions first to save power.

2) Recharge it in your room or recharge the camera with a power bank.

3.Can it record video without WiFi access?

Without WiFi access, it can be only waken-up with PIR activation and record so as to replay later,and the remote mobile wake-up to check real-time video is not possible.

4.Does the camera have a night vision function? How far can it reach at night?

Most of the models support infared light supplement, with a night vision distance of 5 meters;

5.Does the camera support 4G card?


6.Why the camera is out of power very soon when it is in-use?

It offers ultra-low power consumption wifi access and quick start wake-up start,especially PIR wake-up starts(people comes and goes or frequenet PIR error report or start) will repidly consume the power of the battery, then the "motion detection "shall be turned off. It is improper to be used for 24 hour or long time monitor and record requirements.

7.Longer connection time,choppy video and record

The normal wake-up to record of Mobile serial camera generally can be operated in 2 seconds. and the video displays of various mobile phones is generally 3-6 seconds depending on the situation of internet. In case of long time connection or even failure. please check the signal of wifi in the position of the camera placed; if it it too weak, change a place or add a wifi transponder.

8.How long can TF Card record?

If the count is 20 wake-ups  per day of recording ,a 16G Card can record for about 1 year, 32G card can be approximately 2 years. When the TF card if full,it will automatically overwrite the former footage to record new video.

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