Wireless NVR Kit Query

Issuing time:2018-02-13 16:07

1.Technical Query

1).Q: Customers forget password,can not enter NVR main menu,what should i do?

    A: Click the mouse :"left-right-left -right...."12 times continuously,then it will ask you to revise the passoword.

2).Q: Which format of backup file?

    A: It is backup in AVI format,general can play,like real player,thunder storm,etc

3).Q: Cloud ID disappear suddenly,why happen this?What should do?

   A: Reasons might be:

    a. DHCP is selected,so that IP is changing all the time

    b.Network is not working

  To get Cloud ID,Right click mouse,enter main men—setup--system setup--network setup,click DHCP,click “OK” to save setting,in this way can get IP address automatically,then back to preview interface.Stay in preview interface for 30 seconds,then enter DHCP setting again,cancel DHCP, click “OK” to save setting.Back to preview interface to wait till ID appear again

(Note:To get Cloud ID,customer need to enter network setup three times)

4).Q:HDD can not be formatted,why?

    A:Reason might be:do not stop recording,if need to format HD,need to stop all recording,includes manual recording,timing recording,motion detection

5).Q:CMS is not working in computer,why?


    a.Computer system not windows or XP,our CMS based on windows or XP,do not support other system

    b.Computer general storage capacity is below 128M.To check computer storage capacity,run dxdiag--display--general storage capacity

    c.Computer do not install card drive

6). Q: When upgrade,notice file not found,what should do?


    a: Format U disk to FAT32 form                                                      

     b. Put fimrware in root u diskc.Change another u disk with better compatible

7).Q: How to change logo?

    A: Prepare two pictures of the logo, the image resolution should be 800x600,720x576. less than 64KB,the two files should be named as vga800x600.jpg,cvbs720x576.jpg. Copy to the flash disk.

Connect the flash disk to the dvr

Come to the main menu, right click the mouse, go to setup----system tools----system maintenance

Click “logo” and “USB storage”, then start, when it shows“vga800x600.jpg  loaded and cvbs7200x576.jpg  loaded”,and click “sure” to finish the logo changing, then click “return” to exit

Reboot dvr to see if the logo has been changed

8).Q:How to upgrade?

    A:Firstly, plz decompress the FW and copy it to your flash disk, then connect it with the dvr.  Secondly, plz come to the interface of setup---system tools--system maintenance--system upgrade, click start--ok, it will begin the upgrading

Plz notice that during the upgrading, keep the dvr power on and the lines are connected.

After the upgrading to 100%, it finished, the dvr will restart, and it comes out the latest version

9).Q:What percentage spare mother board we offer?



2.APP "IP PRO 3 "Query

1).Q:User can not connect IP PRO 3 by Cloud ID,what should do?


   a. Use computer in same LAN with NVR,then go to www.ip138.com (It is Chinese website,or u can also go to your local website to check ur WAN IP address),it will give one IP address

   b. Enter router--status---WAN IP,check this WAN IP same with IP give by ip138 or not.If different,current network environment can not set remote.Reason might be there are multi level routers.To set remote,need to keep only one level router.If same IP,then go to next step

   c. Enter NVR main menu--setup--system setup--network setup,change WEB port to one number above 1024,then save

   d. Enter router,disable UPNP,then enter virtual server to forwarding ports,add NVR IP address,WEB port and data port manually in virtual serve,then save

   e. Reboot router,then can see view

2). Q: What speed requirement about NVR and mobile?

     A: NVR network upload speed above 2M,mobile side download speed above 2M

3).Mobile IP PRO 3 view manual:

(Support Andriod and Iphone IP PRO view)

Go to www.dvrskype.com in mobile broswer directly,input device ID,user name and password

Besides,to use mobile application,for Andirod,can also download IP PRO 3 in google play,for Iphone can go to APP store to download IP PRO 3